14 Feb 2019
Hello, today we gave double earnings for group 7, we gave $13 earnings instead of $6.5 .
14 Feb 2019
Hello, if you have any request or any feature that you want to be added to MyDigAds feel free to contact us by email and tell us your idea , Email : [email protected]
12 Feb 2019
hello, We are spreading and making our best to make all our members happy, if you have any question to ask or any thing else to talk about you can contact our live chat when ever you want.
07 Feb 2019
Hello, we are happy to make all our members happy with mydigads , you can check our 99% trust rating Here
31 Jan 2019
Hello, we have added you a profile page , that you can see your informations, we will add more options also by the next coming days.
24 Jan 2019
Hello, Today we just increased group 11 , 12 , 13 and 14 earnings.
21 Jan 2019
Today we Increased group 11 earnings to $174.5, and we will try to increase other groups earnings in the soon future also.
18 Jan 2019
hello, we are about to add new features to mydigads, that let you get more earnings and make us spread on and on to be one of the best ptc sites this year
13 Jan 2019
Hello, we are going to add a buy traffic section , that you can buy more traffic with less amount. this option is perfect for advertisers.
08 Jan 2019
Hello, we are going to increase group 7 ,8 ,9 ,10 and 11 groups daily earnings soon.
29 Dec 2018
Hello, we are going to give you extra earnings the 31-12-2018 celebrating the new year, extra earnings are between 0.02 up to $500, from group 1 to group 14. happy new year 2019 for all our members.
25 Dec 2018
MyDigAds wish you a heppy new year 2019! We wish you too to have a nice time here and to have a good journey with us.
10 Dec 2018
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